Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Putin does the unthinkable for the West which keeps totally silent about it

It was about time is all I can say....
Pleasant surprise from Moscow this time...

Contradicts strongly my views on individual which for the first time on my surprise did took extra strong stand against escalating AmeroGerman neonazism across the Europe and can't honor real owners of Russia(WWII veterans and families of murdered victims) with more, but paying ultimate respect to them as he did today...

NOTE: As much as this news is extremely positive for Russian population and other Slavs, however, there are some serious issues due to which individual should be closely monitored(wealth of over 200 billion USD which replaced presidential salary for one and so are other indicators - lets just hope that positive trend from Putin as seen here will continue).

They see whatever they want to see...

Crazy American neonazi playboy US ambassador Jon Huntsman from Utah who adapted Chinese girl(John McCain did black one from India - neonazi recipe/guide on how to avoid being seen publicly as what you truly are) with his Cinderella to make himself more appealing to Russian and Chinese population(he would love nothing more than to pull Russia and China into recolonization of the world adventure), didn't appear at the Anniversary of the Siege of Leningrad as the one seen above is actually repulsive to him...AmeroGerman hypocrisy knows no limits.
He is on Moscow to literally blackmail Kremlin per neonazi Buckingham palace(WWIII - Rim/Berlin/Tokyo/Washington pact) !!! I know all about it(backscenes/scenarios) - make no mistake about it and will not dance according to their tunes !!!

Anniversary of the Siege of Leningrad: Putin visits his brother's grave

January 18th, 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the breaking of the Siege of Leningrad in World War II. The Nazi German forces held the city captive for 872 days, without letting through food supplies and bombardment overhead. More than one million residents either starved to death or died while defending the city. 
President Vladimir Putin's father was wounded at Nevsky Piatochok, where in face of Nazi aggression, the average survival time of Soviet soldiers was from 3 seconds to 58 seconds - leading to the world's largest mass grave burial sites at Peskaryevskoe Cemetery. 

The amount of people buried there is still largely disputed. Vladimir Putin's older brother, who also died during the Siege of Leningrad at the age of two, is among them. His father would go on to recover from his injuries, and Vladimir Putin was born a decade after the events.

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