Monday, January 22, 2018

Miroslav Berger threatened today with mental services and I am more tired(beaten up) than what I was before In went sleep

Same individual who sent psychiatrist Cveto Gradisar to "visitation"(Cveto just came for a family visit by walking from Berger's residence) have threatened today with new hospitalization. Two hours latter, father followed up with Berger(they all work together well coordinated) issue(he mentioned Berger as a "joke" that Berger goes in his work shop to steal tools when I asked him to borrow tape - he basically suggested me that I am paranoid) and I suggested him in return what they had in our house with CIA and Moscow wasn't normal. He begun to play in my face as if its all in my head and then how I may have to go back in mental hospital. I explained him just like I did to my mother that this time, he is the one who is due for mental hospital. I told both in the face that none of the two will see the daylight ever again once, I get them on there(believe me, I mean business)

Bullying didn't end there...I got about 5 hours of "sleep"(am more beaten up that I was before I went sleep - is ringing in my ears and in my head and am tired, but I can't sleep). While house is monitored, nothing is monitored on the outside.

Feet are either chronically ill now and no longer can recuperate(strange since I have managed to have them recuperate few days ago) or socks are again poisoned by some chemical(I washed my socks, but socks found strange way to shower area where I have no control over the situation. Why would mother took socks in there I do not know, but she did after my leaving them to dry next to furnace where all clothing dries just after one night).

Miroslav Berger is Kremlin boy. His son earns money at home with dirty side jobs as described in my videos,

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