Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Update on my feet

As you know microwave used by neighbor caused considerable amount of damage to my mother, however, help a bit more to my neighbor and have added my socks into a softener(she soaked socks with softener and dry them up, so I could use fresh and clean socks).
Then I went for a walk and flash popped out like this(all video recorded).

Not a pretty sight and a bit painful.

According to my neighbors and Mossad(team of Sam), they would get me transported to Israel with my neighbors(would evade justice that way) where I would be implanted with electrodes etc.(I doubt I wasn't already - I do not believe same people who have conducted this things on me with their say and do need to physically see head MRI scans...I can't report any voices in head or anything that others suggest as forms of brain implants harassments, but I do not believe a single word this criminals have to say - I want independent scan done in my presence) and then whole procedure would repeat again(off course memory would be deleted and so to mommy and best neighbors which you can't find anywhere in the world).

Nothing strange to report here - all normal(whatever "normal" is).

NOTE: Is this what sound torture is used for !!?????

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