Monday, January 22, 2018

As I posted this last post, sound changed

Berger is a very troubled man. Funny enough(its not because this is how they make victims keep quiet about it all), he and his son Ales suggested me under MKULTRA on how they will catch Dane Kolenc with their cameras and help me out...I cite Ales Berger, "our daddy will catch him...we have cameras too"...

I would have to wait for a very very long time before something like this would happen. Perhaps till I would wake up on the the side of the world.

With neighbors like this, you don't need enemies.

I can easily feel the relief in my head...this was much more than just a sound. Heavy diarrhea for the last several days...

"Don't say that they microwaved you too much because you will go to other location where they will do the same to you and those in another location may use as an excuse your cancer for doing the same to you or even more" <==instructions from Novo mesto police on why I should keep almost silent about what is taking place here.

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