Monday, January 1, 2018

What Russia(not Russia, but Moskowitze because Moscow is not Russia as I was told by Moskowitzes in Moscow) truly need...

Murdered by Russians(was a very very good "friend" of Vladimir Putin) - not British. Because he was a bit too "special"(got married to British/Swiss whatever woman - not Russian - its okay for Maria Putina to date Dutch and so is okay for Russian elites to do same - even go to Miami to give birth to children, so they can get US citizenship, but then again...not okay as seen here).

There is no microwaving in Russia(you can't see anything about it on internet) because Russia is the "best"(safest) country in the world off course.

Moscow is a sick(extremely sick) place from where is better to keep as far as one can. I love Russian people(I really do and always will), but love like this(as seen here) goes out straight from the stomach and through my mouths.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

ps. I don't mind Browders and Khodorkovskies and Berezovskies etc, but this here went a bit too far for my personal taste.

Strong sporty types just happens to suffer cancers these days...normal..normalno.

In Vitebsk(where my MKULTRA friends were from as you know - others were from Minsk University)...

If you ever are in doubts why I will never ever go to Moscow, just play yourself THIS song.

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