Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Highly recommended

Wish I had someone with advice like this back then, but everything on youtube is controlled(there is no real opposition in US and even so called activists are totally fake). Infra cam detectors with frequencies etc. are a waste of money and your energy(thats what they sell on youtube to persecuted people for them not to see what truly works) may be 10cm, from your nose folks and you will NOT see one as they are super sophisticated(this are micro-cameras which no android detector will detect - I was also told all this by owners of this industry)...with what you see here(unless one is wirelessly charged), you can perhaps get at least source of electricity which will lead you in direction of one....
Cost about 4/5 USD - perhaps best investment you have ever made(made in China - two weeks to US and about the same to EU). Link(here).

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