Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I will not stop till I get my family arrested

Mitja Veber(Weber and my niece Urska Golob Veber/Weber and so did neighbors together with Pahor) threatened with abduction to  Israel if I will dare to talk about MKULTRA torture against me, however, Veber alone suggested his employer(schoolmate minister Omerzel who got American technology and have used his government position to obtain contracts) who was involved in abductions(torture) with American CIA...he wasn't afraid to expose own children to microwaving torture with sole idea and that is to obtain lucrative contract from the state of the Israel - excuse would be we didn't have other option left...

Children have given me, however, only extra elan for war against "family" parasites. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT; ITS WAR TO THE END !!!

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