Saturday, January 6, 2018

Almost all(80% of them) mental "deseases" that appear after age 35 are 100% curable(reversible).

They are almost(90%) all man made disorders(not diseases, but instead disorders is what I refer to them as). Curable as long as individual is willing to change his/her lifestyle(willing to make effort in changing one which includes change of the environment, and stick to the mental rules that point him/her way out of struggle).

It is, however, not in state's interest for anyone to perform above mentioned word(reversible) for obvious reasons.

The scariest thing in my life that I have seen wasn't dude who had voices in his head or lets say 275lb/120kg 30 years old(6.5ft/2m tall) professional weightlifter that cut his own mom into 10 pieces(was in same room as I and would go off due to medications even if only tiny night/bed lamp was on) and placed her in fridge, but in fact folks who would just get addicted to pills because those gave them new founded "freedom" from daily responsibilities("nothing to worry about any job no problem" is what their mentality was). To want to is the hardest issue(part) for those affected by societies.

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