Sunday, January 21, 2018

Regarding children from my niece

She was even present during one occasion when on Texas farm(Bush's residence) and torturous electrodes were used on me as abused(George Bush's regular specialty - he would mentally abuse me when drugged up under MKULTRA and then amplify his psychological torture with pain increasing in brain area electrodes - the pain would become unbearable and one would only stop whenever I would crush down)

Her husband Mitja Weber(Veber) performed most severe psychological and physical abuse on me - specially if one was Requested by Netanyahu or his crew....threatened under MKULTRA for years on how he will have me transported to Israel and even how he will remove all proofs of my internet existence once am already in Israel , "I will return to Slovenia only to bring the rest of the stuff...if you will even mention my name, we will all have to go to Israel as you will give us no choice".

They would even brainwash(via torture = Israelis simulated hijacking by pointing at me revolvers on numerous occasions for years) me severely on how it is nonsense for me to hide future writing material as they would know exactly on where I have stored one...whenever they would take me for a walk(2004/2005/2006), I would be suggested in the face how they know what I have where...obviously paranoia blunder with idea to discourage individual into any logical process that one would utilize under normal circumstances. Discourage individual from resistance through severe abuse/violence(torture) = Netanyahu.


I spoke with my mother today regarding children and she told me that it is normal for child(3.5 years old) to act like this...normal for her to spit on year and half old brother and normal for her to cry(fall in total trauma meaning that he tied her up time and again - have abused her mentally) when shown a piece of rope and its all because one is in public daycare(kindergarten)...IT IS ALSO NORMAL TO MAKE CONCLUSION THAT MY MOTHER ALSO KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THAT FAMILY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

My mother claims that little girl is just so evil and attacks everybody/ is not truth at all...when I suggested her that she is "poredna"(scold her on how she is a bad girl when she misbehaved with her brother), she felt very very depressed about it - meaning that she is encouraged into behavior like this by someone(she told me herself that it is her father who does this to her), so that someone can take special advantages over her...that someone isn't kindergarten(day care), but instead her daddy.

I deeply fear for this children as they are in hands of maniacs. What is happening behind closed doors in that home nobody knows.

ALL AUDIO RECORDED. Funny enough, criminal called me a manipulator(about the same as he treated his three and half years old girl as a "bad girl" no !!???? Isn't it perhaps same mentality/manipulation/psychology !!???? Force someone into something and then call him bad/dangerous/criminal etc...taking advantage over his age on three and half years of victim just as was my case when drugged up)...he is as dangerous as it gets - make no mistake about that !!!

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