Thursday, January 4, 2018

The difference between Obama and Shoygu !!????? NONE !!!

In respect to liberation of Ukraine only that ethnic Ukrainians are Cossacks - meaning that honor of liberating one should belong to Red Army Russian Cossack officer and not rapist from Chadan.

This are Putin's politics(disgrace for Russia and Slavs) which I obviously totally disprove and are used to glorify future Russian Obama(what Putin have in plan for Shoygu).

I cite McCains/Bushes/Buckinghams etc. and other neonazi garbage, "if he will get Ukraine for you, will you marry his daughter" !!???

I feel that dude is mentally sick(barely fit to serve in regular army) and there are no less than 150 million Russians(any female with little training would perform to country's standards because they all have more balls that this nobody) who easily could replace him...

This baboon will be a great servant for AmeroGerman neonazis just as Obama was and thats about it(gone in one part of the world and reappears on another to seed more hatred and division between people)...

IF YOU AREN'T DOING THIS FOR RUSSIA THEN WHAT THE F**** ARE YOU DOING IN RUSSIA SHOYGU !!???? Same question is directed also to Putin(take your daughter's Dutch boyfriend, her, stolen Russian money, and yourself out of Russia you ugly neonazi traitor scum....Dmitri Hvorostovsky didn't have your I right !!?????) ....Russia nor world have ever seen disgrace like this yet...bizarre Moscow these days folks...totally bizarre and unacceptable.

To Russian men and women in uniforms...what you do in respect to Ukraine is the most honorable and clean job in the world. Your dads and moms(grandpas/grandmas) have done it for you again German orangutans in WWII, so you can do the same for their grandchildren(your children)....THIS IS FOR WHOM AND WHY !!!
Russia - the greatest country in the world. Slava Rusji !!!
 The strongest, the toughest, the best of the best who knows no fear !!!

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