Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I can barely walk

Pain is present during sleep and when up. Feet hurt beyond believable and its like this for he past 6 months. When I went for a walk, great portion of skin have fallen off of feet(all video recorded) few weeks ago....this people are out here to murder me(incapacitate and hijack me as such as they did in the past) and take off to Israel as no other country will provide refuge for them.

My mother which claimed how she is suffering from back pain(they got her mri etc. which I was forced to even look for her on several occasions) is active daily. Walks miles(each day for hour and half/two) like a squirrel. She strangely complained about her pain and how one can leave her at any time on wheelchair, but performed stuff beyond(totally insane stuff that included hours of lawning around small trees in the garden etc. which nobody who truly would suffer from pain would do...she went on to further garden to degree that not even young people do) believable. 

I haven't had the right to see my own head scan, but was forced to see hers...her pain reached climax during neighbor Franci Udovc's suffering who finally died in unbearable pain(others also complained about pain night and day, but he was the only one who died). She complains about pain and am bleeding from my feet. I cite her, "its normal because you are all day long in running shoes"(this Israeli brainwashed mother have excuse/answer for everything).

Novo mesto police handled by neighbor Metod Jerman who was transferred from Ljubljana. Off course to "protect me" and not others...understandable.

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