Wednesday, January 10, 2018

For the last fourten days, nothing but sound in my ears

According to neighbors Berger, Kolenc, and local police of Novo mesto(they would conduct and do all sorts of electronic harassment with idea to get me out of lower area of the house - room am in) and if I would stay in there for too long(one of them would be sound attack), I would suffer from permanent brain injury(sound no longer would go away).

I have never ever have any sounds like this in my ears(feels as if I would have super high pressure) in my life time and till 7th(till three days ago) severe electronic attack went on(probably microwaving). Cameras(entire system) struggled to operate, but it stopped three days ago and went back to normal(as if new) after three weeks. All video recorded.

Berger promised me this type of treatment(he death threatened) under MKULTRA if I would dare to talk about his involvement in my case. This type of torture creates enormous problem(confusion) in one, but I will persevere down here.

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