Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The more Americans have betrayed me, the better I am off today

Sounds crazy heh !!????? Who would be pleased for government to perform on him what they have on me...well, I am to some degree.

Why/how !!????

Because...if American people would consider me as equal(talking about American whites around whom I never ever felt comfortable to be around - it was same with Germans and Scandinavians), I would feel bad that American politicians have done to me as they did(I would even call whole thing as betrayal as I have insisted on for a very long time)....but since they didn't consider me as equal, I am actually thankful to American politicians to be what they are.

I am not "home" sick...nobody wants to go back to Guantanamo = USA.

If this would be the case with Russia, I would be mad(Putin/Shoigu etc. are total garbage, but Russian people are priceless)...but not when it comes to Jewmerica(don't feel bad Jews - I categorize you in same drawer as where so called "Nordic Aryans" are stored).

Obviously that I felt like at home in Belarus(despite everything yeah and its not even 50% that I have talked about)...body language explains one where he is welcome and where not(ordinary people are best indicator on how one is seen). Who cares about politicians...

Nikola Tesla who gave to America more than any American ever did was also treated like a dirt(totally inhumane and have left this world in total poverty - even without having any children and AmeroGermans attributed to Edison stolen Tesla's inventions).

USA = the greatest evil on the face of the earth and probably in entire universe...not "God bless USA", but instead "God blast USA"(F*** America) !!!

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