Saturday, January 27, 2018

There was and is a lots of news to report

And so my neighbours do best as they can to radiate and engage in heavy sound torture. They know about the important news I would love to report(incl. my videos) about and its why they do it. Moscow government(PUTIN) believes that by pushing me in such situation(neighbour Kolenc is blinking with his head lights into garage area all day long / one day after another already since I installed cameras as if I need to hurry / as if we have some sort of agreement going and the whole MKULTRA just as present torture is for my sake = I was told they would do this under MKULTRA and they do it real time to obtain more sickening effect in an individual), it would either steer me away from my work due to amount of violence on me or just motivate me into insantity(their imaginary game which exists only in their heads).

Berger(or Kolenc as Berger told me under MK-ULTRA that will work along Kolenc - when Kolenc is sleeping, he would take over and opposite) radiated heavily yesterday and have used different sound frequency to torture, but he still did as sound(similar to tinnitus health issues s one am sure grows into permanent health issues) is today gone(happens seldom, but today is acoustic attack free day or at least was till now).

I DO NOT WORK LIKE THIS AND NEVER EVER WILL....THIS IS AMEROGERMAN RECIPE ON HOW TO DRIVE INDIVIDUAL INSANE AT WORK AND I NEVER EVER DID OR EVER WILL COMPLY WITH ONE(eventually will be my way ONLY whether you guys like it or not and there is nothing you can do about it..the more you do to me like this, the more I know and demand on what I want). Its time for Putin to be replaced with sane individual. Time to go Putin. Many young, smart, and devoted(ambitious) people in Russia and Belarus. Not traitors Sobchak/Navalny alike, but instead many quality young people who want to invest their lives in Russia.

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