Friday, January 19, 2018

Why to bother when this here repeats over and over again

Politicians are not reality - reality is what you see here
Note to Italians: why don't you talk to regular Italian workers who have settled for life in Germany/UK/USA and so on about what they think - about how they feel(what they have to say)...politicians don't represent regular people. They represent those who are hiding behind regular people...they represent those who served evil in the past and want one today - Buckingham palace/Washington DC/Berlin - not the people.

It happened to have to you, it have and will happened to every Pole/ Russian/ Romanian/ Hungarian/ Serbian/ Slovene/ Czech/ Slovak/most of French/even some Germans or Brits/for sure to Irish and so on...

"White pride worldwide" my ass(fascism/nazism is what it is). Eugenics - social engineering(systematic extermination for the sake of the pure "Aryan Nordic race")....

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