Monday, October 4, 2021

Western governments wanted me to accept attitude of old worn out hooker designated for a total waste

I felt as stated above for at least last 11 years. They left no choice and no chance. Used police for crime against me and ensured for me to understand no court, no organisation, no nobody out there would offer hope(forget about help) of any kind. Its where(next to abuse they engaged involved even broad family members concerning royals) they got their idea from on how to with me....I WATCHED YOU ALL ALONG. I COMPARED YOUR VIEWS ON ME WITH WHAT I FELT FIT TO VIEWS OF CERTAIN SEGMENT OF SOCIETY ON OTHER PORTION OF SOCIETY. 

And they trained their views for young to absorb concept just as well.
What the hell I was brought for to this circle of people if ignoring financial interests they had for that long if not for stated above, I have no clue. TRAINED TO LIE EARLY AND FOR LIFE.

Remember guys !!????

I am a feminist, don't get me wrong in respect to "hookers" above. I respect women of all backgrounds and was and will remain as committed to their equality as much as possible. I used term "hooker" with bitterness and anger as they suffer worth no less than any one of us terrible faiths on the brinks of the society till pushed into indefinite end by those whom they pleased or were used bye.

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