Monday, October 4, 2021

I am glad and in piece with my views on my case as whole specially because of my filing for political asylum protection in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Norway

 Situation I endured and for which I was told to not even bother with next to countries above in Austria, Sweden. You loaded yours with billions and you trained me on how to give up hope even on attempt to establish myself in what could become possibly a new Western "homeland"(I would never ever dare anything alike again - to even think to set foot on your holly Western Heimat lands)

@Buckingham palace - what about your MK Ultra immigration procedure brainwash done in case I would apply for protection in Britain that went as early as to 2002 !!????? You remember just what you have done to me in your greater London metropolitan area !!??? That wasn't pretty. That would look if I would set myself for such a task even worse than what case was in Canada in 2009.

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