Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Shannen Doherty threatened me under MK Ultra with chemotherapy - your favorite Hollywood starts seems to have deeper than Hollywood mindset(do favors to politicians and royalties on the side and promote whatever views per US Government)

Appears to me were used just as another layer of firewall in this case counting on their supporters - counted on audience to see themselves in them rather than taking side with truth. Dwayne Johnson threatened with Instagram likes other with Facebook etc...hmmmm 

@Hollywood and Shannen Doherty

You are not much of a being when you lose over your hair loss due to cancer treatments infront of individual who lost 27 years on MK Ultra - and had to disregard in process, lost the right to employment and two citizenship, accept and run from one being labelled as mentally ill, spine broken and even disregard cancer/hypertension issues in his battle to find sanity on streets of foreign countries/in foreign languages...you guys stink and whole world is wrapped in your stank !!!

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