Monday, October 11, 2021

MANIPULATOR Prince Harry FAKED incident in Nepal which supposedly left me one with bump on head BECAUSE of me

Have repeated and repeated incident to film one right under MK Ultra procedure over and over again and get me blamed for it KNOWING this very case will come out wanted to make look his brother William and himself as dignifying honorable noble even generous(F**** PARASITES) etc as much as possible at my expense. 

Not drug addict not alcoholic nor cigaretter nor does he had bump because of me - a manipulator yes, psychopathic liar yes, cheapskate is what motivated both kids(Harry and William) against me per prince Charles and Andrew who didn't feel should pay bills, and people who do stuff as seen on this news site are assassins - only serial killers enjoy torture in a way these people did. 

@Harry/William - Both of you are not even quarter man I was and am and you will never ever be for above matter. Regular entitled trash. That much for also "evaluation" you dreamed about along German Urser Leula von dyen I would see torture in Poland and upon return in Slovenia as(you trash remember what you dreamed about on how I should see future crime against me ? - well, here is a reminder and a thank you note)

It was expected of fellow soldiers, home-maid/home-staff/ babysitters and bodyguards for all to take guilt upon themselves for every fuckup two of you committed - well, I am not one of them. Grow the fuck up already both of you.

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