Wednesday, October 6, 2021

WESTERN CANCER ISSUES NOTHING BUT WELL PLANNED GOVERNMENT NEONAZI PLAN AND SCAM: There was not a single one participant from US or United Kingdom for whom royals and American politicians along Hollywood claimed me were poisoned there by whomever

 All that news via yahoo and lies - accusations per "because of you - this is what you did etc." are regular bullshit theories made by those who did poisoned in UK and USA. American and British MK Ultra staff members for the difference from myself who ended up eating molded with fungi food due to struggle, most often didn't consume food prepared for them as they pulled Pounds and Dollars from socks - exchanged them in Zgierzan ul. Dolga money exchange and were buying themselves as pleased whenever whatever. Whole thing was and is a big fat lie that didn't end with cancer issues, but went on also into area of spine injuries for which royals alone told me have instructed people to fake injuries preemptively to avoid whatever I was compelled into. 

Work of collateral hypocrisy and lies of which prime target was the one Western governments owed money(myself) and main goal used to exhort eastern European governments into neonazi collaboration plan which commenced in 1999 with I cite, "look at what you have done to me...that guy also suffered from cancer and another one and so on and so on"(pointing at me inside of our Novo mesto house, US and UK governments really pointed at eastern European governments - via yahoo news etc.). Western government extorted eastern European government into COLONIAL PACT collaboration with cancer issues - not that mentioned would bother Putin and Romanovs hehehehe

The more cancer the better - its per US Government and United Kingdom. 1999 neonazi pact against world is in place. HOLLYWOOD LIED DEMOCRACY DIED. WORK OF SATANS.

They were LOADED WITH MONEY, and I got $17 per month of which I have to spend half on repairs of whatever they destroyed me and that included even shoes as they stopped short of nothing.

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