Friday, October 8, 2021

Sarah Ferguson compared herself with Tatiana(involved since 1995 and ended up dating her in real time - was Putin is team member) from Belarus - London criminals demanded for me to see myself in Andrew and Tatiana in Sarah Ferguson

 This is how far London clan came in respect to crime connecting Russia and myself. They acted like a

bridge using Russia and Poland for violence against  me while acting awkward stupid as if not knowing what went on and were just polishing relations between myself and Russian abuse(UDBA crime on behalf of Serbia) against me. As far as Poland, Andrew took Norwegian contract and awarded one to Poland despite my protests in 1995/ 1996. Londoners blocked Saudis and other billionaires willing to invest through me in industry - exhorted/dared them. Its a clan of assassins and its why I know that death in UK trace nowhere other than straight into Buckingham palace. My spine according to quite a few sources under MK Ultra had to be broken so I wold never made to trail Novo mesto - Sevnica. The one who financed crime was a Buckingham palace and Poland had no problem whatsoever to act as Guantanamo state withing EU as long as United Kingdom pays its all that matters is what I was even told. You see UDBA assassin next to Queen with your own eyes.

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