Thursday, October 7, 2021

Rule Britannia and life "After Lies" as I would refer to my case rather than boring "After Lives"

This also explains what real intentions of West were toward me personally since 1995 - when and whenever they mention you in MK Ultra a negative scenario, you should never ever participate in one even a single minute longer as you are designated for a waste - destruction. There is no such thing as "IF YOU WILL" with which they conditioned negative threats involved in violent brainwash. "If you will" only equals in them being violent with worst intentions against one. According to my experience with criminals involved in MK Ultra, "IF YOU WILL" gets through whether you do as they told you not to do or not - its real mening of their intentions that is hiding in "if you will" when it comes to MK Ultra and one is based on abuse till you fall inside of the grave. 


Lets see how mafia gets job done in respect to this case. Mentioned novelist Gurnah was involved in MK Ultra and was selected to win Nobel Literature Prize. 

World where loser literate gets a victory in his hands and real winner bullet in his head hehehehe. Makes sense to kill strong first and have weak last longer - actually even have them take their spots till their time comes ,) Nice and a perfect imperial natural selection.

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