Sunday, October 3, 2021

Next to barefooted or hungry citizens, I feel as obligated to pay with solidarity of the the same

@William/ Harry and others - none of you ever did.

Barefooted/ hungry in my language has broad meaning - means that society have fallen that low in-respect to its values that one doesn't support its basic values - goals as whole and for the new beginnings, strong fundamentals are necessary even for the cost of being barefooted/hungry for people to see themselves in something worthy to invest their hope into. You are the one that rips hope not give.

Over consumption doesn't defer much from starvation for you folks to know this.

Where people learn to bite together the same poverty, people also know the importance of growing support for one another. Its call respect. Human dignity - honor/pride.

What do you BRUTS(brut = brutal) know what life is all about...nothing really. Easy comes easy go coin twisting thieves killers. I don't blame as its nature of you game(born into - insensitive - dumb/stupid, can attitude because I was born this way and/or was given to me the right privileged dickheads).

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