Monday, October 11, 2021

IMPERIAL PLAN(colonization era) MARCHES ON: USA also helped China trigger military for the sake of Taiwan occupation next to HMS Queen Elizabeth's carrier etc. - something every smaller nation should know about so called Western FREE world

Very helpful country this United States of America - no !!???? Its a knife in the back state just as United Kingdom, Germany etc. are. They need your obligation for trade with your enemies who are bigger is how it goes as everything and everyone is for sale on the West. Even you who is not in US or your country as not part of US....everything. Yah, Joe biden in making(saving the world).

We are now just waiting for US handing(called technically as "withdrawal") safely Taiwan to China basically and then Western "interventions" will follow somewhere in Africa. 

You know, Crimea/ Donetsk/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ free technology investments and then once all is fulfilled global imperial kaboom - hello new era of human slavery.

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