Friday, October 8, 2021

I will now ask you Buckingham palace straight what your problems(HATRED) are in respect to existence of Slovenian nation as independent nation

Black individual who setup Milan Kučan had ntohing to do with British Charles as Charles alone and both of his kids admitted - they wanted their dad to look James Bondish only and its how they got idea to as they claimed in Slovenia infront of Slovenian people(or in private knowing were surveillanced) to make me look great.

Charles who very properly targeted JAMES BOND movie, however, did not know I don't care much for one and am instead more prone to stick with facts - had James Bond actor Daniel Craig involved in case and have gestured me that next role IF I WOULD DO JOB WELL WHATEVER THAT MEANT OTHER THAN TO LOBBY FOR BUCKINGHAM PALACE have Croatian Goran Visnjic play one. It doesn't work like this here.

Some Slovenian natives insisted me paid price for even conversing with British after year 2000 - were stabbed in the back from what I heard people complaining. Lied about by British whom Buckingham palace brought in here for the sake of Serbia/Russia

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