Monday, October 4, 2021

After incident in Belarus during 2003, there were smart asses in USA who doubted possibility - claiming me I didn't have anywhere near what it would take to beat Lukashenko and two of his KGBs and

With Mike Tyson as #1. They, however, once placing me in-front of punch meter machine to measure punch got their mouths shut and that included Mike Tyson - my trainer from Slovenia told me under MK Ultra to get him inside of ring and bit him up real hard with words, "cmmoo you can do it and if you don't do it now you will never capable too"(everybody knew about Polish spine breaking procedure coming). Then forcing me food down the throat commenced under MK Ultra AGAIN. Angela Merkel told me in advance they will destroy me she learned about and for me to be ready, but its also all the help there ever was. What started next to  kings and Queens turned into old worn out street hooker alike situation designated for waste since 2010.

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