Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Slovenian human rights ombudsman was in our house and in our neighbourhood with previous ombudsman's who knows how many times

These ombudsmen according to their blah blah even begun to lodge next door at the neighbours(Berger family while Henčič family also was on the picture for either interrogation of the family or stay there). Vlasta Nussdorfer eventually begun to patrol area and interrogate families on what Čebašnik who visited first joined her - this stuff goes way back with Hanžek as the first to intimidate in our house per Milan Kučan back in 2000....Hanžek was a big time MK Ultra staff member prior to his ombudsman title - its probably how one got job. The first thing will be complain filled against state at human rights ombudsman, the second will be a stop at corruption prevention offices where complain will be filed against human rights ombudsman

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