Monday, May 15, 2023

I am pleased to say Italian side in Italy DID NOT ENGAGE IN ETHNIC DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ME.

 For almost three decades I boiled in anger during MK Ultra against Italy for throwing me inside of

prisons in area of Rome where delivered by British royals and for which I under any circumstances even more so due to various lies pushed forward to coverup for original British Srebrenica sin, I had nooo clue till about a month ago when I started to investigate Srebrenica and British royals issue PER WHY I WAS JAILED - at the time in 1995, I assumed I was jailed on behalf of Serbian prince Karađorđević to have injustice feeling awaked in me toward Italians per Milan Kučan/Putin and what was highly praised throughout education where we were to see Italians purely as fascists...then bigger and bigger resentment commenced from my end as things wouldn't calm down during MK Ultra sessions during which I assumed for Italian side to see me in a light which education throughout grammar school and high school as Yugoslavia dictated....Italians, however, did apologised during MK Ultra sessions for jailing procedures which British initiated during MK Ultra against me beginning 1995 - Italian side ALSO as the only party involved retracted British MK ULTRA statements against me in respect to Srebrenica which was a work of British diplomacy - top of the British state. 

EXAPLANATION - Even that suggested by Italian side in 1995 about Srebrenica, I never understood what hose were trying to tell me - whole thing Srebrenica wise as for my being guilty under MK Ultra was to me clearly a joke - drugged up hijacked from USA and be charged for crime next to Serbian war criminals and British royals who authorised one was in my eyes seen as nothing other than a joke - joke so much that I searched and searched in my mind for over two and half decades a real reason per why someone would jail me under such circumstances of which most logical to me was discrimination based on ethnicity. So, its good to finally know I was not jailed for being Slovenian and that someone took steps in direction to correct mutual relation. It took me 28 years to realise what actually happened with Italian imprisonments under MK Ultra beginning 1995...

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