Saturday, May 20, 2023

With Americans infront of whom Joe Biden interacted SPECIALLY inside of our house, but also abroad - Joe was regarded as "JEW"

 It was pronounced to me on some 10.000 occasions his name as JEWBIDEN rather than Joe Biden...Jeauw with small timing space in between his name and last name Biden...Joe Biden was off course very politically appropriate and made sure to correct spelling of his name by stating me in face how referring to one as JEW BIDEN would look racist...what a nice fella this Joe was and is - used exactly the same technology to as Russians and Serbs used through Slovenia beginning 1992 except that he couldn't somehow find for himself anyone inside of the concentration camp so he could after extensive torture sessions posed next to....nice Irish fella. He was going to hand his MK Ultra(final MK Ultra revelation) career away through famous American neonazi lady known as Marjorie Taylor(famous American Republican Putinist according to London's Romanov recipe) whom he also involved as a final revelationist of my case - but Marjorie was picky and insisted during MK Ultra on how first I will watch her built points for her cause on what I would be a recipient of her political attention...NAZIS NEED NOT APPLY HERE.

G BIDEN OR JEW BIDEN GBIDEN JUBIDEN JEWBIDEN ANNDDD JOE BIDEN MK ULTRA POLITICAL SONG OF REAL JOE BIDEN Joe bidden collected points for British empire for his presidential pollical career in variety of ways....

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