Saturday, May 6, 2023

Top Thai police was trained by Novo mesto NOW police director Janez Ogulin - and then by others from Ljubljana, but it was Janez Ogulin who obtained interest from Thai royals to accept psychological training/approach toward public during

 police job duties. As much as I was SHIT for top Thai police directors/bosses(whatever they have as I yet have to investigate) Slovenian police who also would bring over uniforms to pose with them was okay - good...someone to look up too and RESPECT. Uniform makes the man a man was a lesson from Thailand.

Same as to psychiatric drugs(and tested - Bajrakityabha stated its not so bad they are not so ba but prior to psychiatric hospitalisation in 2013 and beginning 2011 - entire royal Thai family insisted on my being hospitalised - positioned itself as a shield of violence infront of Slovenian state) they pushed down my throat on behalf of British and Ruskies....

Its really a bad news for Thai royal family.

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