Friday, May 26, 2023

American rapper Clifford Smith who named himself as METHOD MAN based on the first name of my neighbour Metod Jerman(police officer) got everything wrong in respect to my case

Let me explain and or give you an 1997, 1998 - a police officer investigator who met me at the Brusnice in Novo mesto city about year ago(blue VW golf station wagon) have insisted infront of
village people on how one will break baton on me...those were extremely excited and even more than village people who during MK Ultra hurried to cheer a Novo mesto's police investigator by also pointing me how he is a police officer who stated me so during MK Ultra - a British royals were all overwhelmed with threat which involved Slovenian police - you know, he did this infront of old and other police directors during evening parties held in our eager as those were to see my response to threat, they were surprised with my reply in which I asked one if he could please show me a baton he has on his mind...they wanted to know why, so I told them I cite, "so I can break one on your heads". Then I begun to death threaten them(guarantee them death) till they switched me off.  Two and half decades went bye and answer never changed...British royals have abused each opportunity to voice/accent that I am violent while police officer who asked question repeatedly over the course of over decade claimed me it was just to make them excited to what I never ever laughed or cheered either. Everyone clearly knew that butcheries which went on via MK Ultra were not seen from my end as preferential treatment. They knew what to expect and have further deepened crises as to more we do to you less you know we...

Method man and other rappers have death threatened alot during their unofficial visits to Slovenia and Metod Jerman sure is a very dangerous individual, but I was clear about it and and finally

This isn't about who is won you know - my goal in USA was to become an FBI/CIA operative - law enforcement or correctional officer of all government uniformed careers as the least...never though of myself as trash never committed a single criminal offense in more than dozen countries under extremely dangerous conditions and despite everything that went on against me. Holding a stick in your hands doesn't necessary makes you a police officer, but a criminal wearing a police badge and/or uniform sure is the biggest enemy of a real police officer. Will see how tough you all are once I hit back to US to meet you in person. I am not your friend.
You are great at making a lots of rhythmic noise but I want to see how much men you are on the court...

US Government delivered me to US in 2019 for clowns to AGAIN death threaten me with coming video as seen above....and thanks for ya all posing for me @Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre , DMX, Eve, Jadakiss, Ice Cube, Method Man, The Lox

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