Monday, May 22, 2023

These people from Russia(Russians) all were involved in MK Ultra - heavily so

Viacheslav Zarutskii, his brother(their entire family), and wife from Kazakhstan were all involved - I think she is from Kazakhstan(Viacheslav got to know her through my case). Her family also was involved

Viacheslav Zarutskii and his brother were involved in MOUNT EVEREST OF TORTURE AND SO WAS the Moscow Film School connected straight to British royals - whenever repeatedly brought from Russia to Poland, Pollacks alone staged heavy torture along Viacheslav and his wife. Vladimir Putin strangely KNEW all about it all. Girl you see on here and have attended Moscow Film School(since its existence) WAS NOT involved in torture as her peers and was interested rather in personal issues pertaining to my case - she liked me.

Putin attempted to use MK Ultra issues pertaining to Russia to extort West with it in respect to Ukraine and one with assistance of British royals readied himself for post war period during which his catapulted KGB satellites were to play crucial role in new involvement of Russia into international currents....Viacheslav Zarutskii publicly is strongly opposing war in Ukraine, but one had ready post war agenda too so we yet have to see what post war Viacheslav Zarutskii's youtube channel will look like...his job/assignment is to involve in public discussions as may people as possible.
Entire Moscow Film School $$$$$$$...must have earned good money through torture.

WHATEVER OR WHOMEVER RUSSIANS COULDN'T SPONSOR FOR CRIME WOULD BECOME TO EVIDENT, BRITISH ROYALS DID AND VICEVERSA - MANY IN HOLLYWOOD FUNCIONET AND TRADED FAVORS FOR ONE ANOTHER FOR FINACIAL MARKETS....AND THAT IS EXACTLY HOW CRIME OPERATED VIA MK ULTRA. Kyle MacLachlan's wealth as an example exploded once actor turned against me infront of Putin and Lavrov, but Russian side made sure he would be awarded from American side and not Russian....and that whoever would compensate one would profit instead...THEY WORKED LIKE A FAMILY - AS ONE.

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