Monday, May 15, 2023

Bajrakitiyabha unfortunately had strong ties to Slovenian psychiatry(same her sister Sirivannavari) thus I no longer want to have anything to do with Thailand other than at court

I knew nothing about world of royals prior to departure to US in 1995, but I know now all I ever needed to know about who, what, and what they have done to me. Both daughters were

trained as personal Thai king(father)s' bodyguards and caused me enormous amount of damage at what appeared even international human rights related institutions. Bajrakitiyabha went on to claim me with father and grandfather WHO INSISTED HER HOW ONE MUST MARRY ME DURING MK UKULTRA(they pushed lunacy through use of extreme violence since 1995 - on this occasion yes was preliminary obtained from me yet once again) how she was born in Sathan hospital and as such can and must be only married to a man with immaculate record so genocide against me was necessary part of procedure and to what both Thai kings had to agree Genocide is a preferred choice of death for selected victims when it comes to royals who when compared to mafias/gangsters, have a broader choice of government institutions services....the difference in respect to ethics, none - there is more human conscious in gangsters than in royals. Slovenian side found refuge for psychiatric and police violence in Thailand more than in any other country that served British and Germany. Prince of Wales with his family claimed are synonymous in world of animal kingdom with killer whales.


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