Friday, May 19, 2023

RULE BRITANNIA(how it all worked for last 33 years): Turkish president Erdogan was one of the Muslim leaders who accused me of Srebrenica massacre during MK Ultra KNOWING WHO TRULLY WAS BEHIND - to get jet engines for his fighter jets and additional assistance

 He had too and this is how British covered truth by laying down one brick after another on top of the one till lies change

landscape of reality for good....thats how world of ROYALS works....ohhh, British and Americans interchange everything with one another thy all do...request for engines from Americans results with telephone ringing from UK to Istanbul orrrr with American side suggesting Turkish side as to certain issue is needed...he was not the only person from Muslim world who used(HAD TOO IN THE WORLD OF CURRUPTION BRITISH CREATED THROUH THIS CASE) British services to get his country ahead of the game...

I never had anything against Erdogan and don't have anything against one. 

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