Monday, May 29, 2023

McCarthy is an old old Joe Biden's political companion for those that do not know, and if Biden would be removed according to Biden - it would be McCarthy who would replace one

What my opinion about McCarthy is !!???? Just another political junkie involved since 1995. Met Putin together with Biden time and again. Same shit wrapped into republican cellophane. I have no time to waste on such...also tortured but not as much as Biden and you wouldn't see one if he wouldn't have

@Scandinavia, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and Canada etc

 You are not the one who will have the say about how I did, but I will have one about you. You lost your right to say due to number of lies - violations to specified rules of 1995 pertaining to MK Ultra. You performed worse than what I would expect would get from USSR. You totally failed your EU and NATO so much praised ideals

Toto and I know - it was and all is bullshit...whats left is good song WITH A LOTS OF PUTIN'S MONEY IN HIS POCKETS and my memory on lost 33 years of wasted trashed life by none other than Brussels and Washington DC - Toto was the first Italian who sided with me and have turned 180 degrees to assist Putin against me and his "Europa" ideals $$$$$$ Eu ropa("ropa" = robbery)

But show must go on with and without Brussel Washington garbage..
Off course were both involved

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