Sunday, May 7, 2023

Vladimir Putin's Slovenian associate - human rights ombudsman Ivan Bizjak filled for death certificate JUST AS HE PROMISSED ME WOULD IF I WOULD CALL ONE OUT

Vladimir Putin's Slovenian associate - Slovenian human rights ombudsman Ivan Bizjak just as my schoolmate Rok Dobravec(both involved since 1995 AND always present) never ever have missed on a single meeting between Americans, British, Germans, and Russians and others inside of our house. 

His death certificate which Ivan Bizjak negotiated in 2019 with Ursula Von Der Layen personally, came just few days(6 DAYS IN TOTAL, SO HE WAS IN A BIG HURRY) after my calling one out for involvement in genocide against me on behalf of Milan Kučan/ Borut Pahor/ Danilo Turk etc 

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