Saturday, May 6, 2023

Novo mesto police with psychitrist Kapš trained my mother to intimidate me with knives during MK Ultra and use those as threats in post MK Ultra time

Waving knives as well as threatening looks were part of program which I have experienced in real time upon my return from Poland - for the whole thing, mother attempted to obtain excuse today when according to psychiatrist Kapš as well as police investigators who evaluated during MK Ultra a particular knife all become to conclusion that knife used in fact is a knife for peeling potato - I know so because I disagreed with them and with mother today whom I have sharply reprimanded.

Police not only used mother to death threaten with knives, but have further evaluated in my eyes as for what knives forks spoons look like could be used for and have chosen based on stated to excuse crime as stated above with knife for whom all but myself have stated can and is used to peel potatoes. I don't use knives to peel potatoes and barely use big knives if ever. 

Mother used according to police instructions previously a big ass knives while making threatening looks with raised knives and even entered my personal area with such threatening positions just to turn in other direction etc. Video is coming on mentioned subject.

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