Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Police officer Zdenko Jerman(I grew up with him - we were like shirt and pants on village) was involved in genocide since day 1 of 1995

Uniformed police officer neighbour who never could be visible - married wife in area of Brežice located some 50 kilometres from Novo mesto. He and his colleagues would transport me from Ljubljana jail where Slovenian government often times would station me(drugged up under MK Ultra and afterwards heavily electroshocked - upon termination of torture sessions) to Novo mesto and in Brežice or other areas if required by government....he often times also participated torture beginning 1995(observed moral butcheries for 26 years) during which I was heavily sleep deprived for weeks at the time - Slovenian government implicated civilians in crime. His cousin Metod Jerman next door(both are my neighbours whom I grew up with) settled for higher position in Ljubljana and while did performed criminal tasks at times, one was nowhere near as criminal as Zdenko. Zdenko demanded me dead infront of his superiors what stroke in my mind about one truly bestial personality. Never would imagine anything like this could be possible, but is a plain fact. His wife also was bestial due to employment reasons in Brežice area it appeared. All was based on heavy heavy sleep deprivation....cardiovascular burnout. 

I personally would not stop short of sentencing each into the jail for lifetime without possibility for probation. Its more than crime...its causing heavy harm to an individual with intention for one to cause to others....its using police authority to implement terror on civil population and for purpose of violence - murder.

As one investigator would return from work or had time off, he would take over and so on and so forth....entire Novo mesto investigation unit and beyond. Zdenko as I stated was uniformed police officer...he gained weight and appears have fallen in depression, but he no longer recognised me. He no longer knew his practically brother not even neighbour and appears consciously have REFUSED AS POLICE OFFICER to discern tortured human being under heavy influence of drugs and human being in normal state of mind....

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