Sunday, February 26, 2023

How Britons, Dutch and other colonialists invest their money !!???? They got me into areas where they owe big time for COLONIALIST reparations and for which I was suggested will be hijacked too

They started torture in those areas through governments whom they have somewhat awarded for torture and hired United Nations to get me frequently into those areas for same purpose - follow up procedure designed for one to defend himself as NO NO NO on what

colonialists established fake vision(self perception) in locals rather than compensating their victims financially approach them with what is known as investment opportunities....and thats how it went and goes. Thats what Britons and CIA used me across Africa and in some parts of Asia. To penetrate even establish own colonies - colonies which they referred to as intermixed colonies but in reality a cancer which will in crucial moment prove itself as detrimental for failure to the natives. Once they get in there, you can never get them out of there - COLONIALISM is by far worse than cancer. That much about those mass shootings in US.

Will "invest" if you keep silent once I THE EVILL AS COLONISALISTS DEPICTED ME OR RATHER HAD ME DEPICT MYSELF point out about what wen on who, how, why, where....never compensate.

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