Friday, February 17, 2023

Novo mesto home for elderly director Mateja Jerič claimed me during MK Ultra torture how father will(contrary to previous director she will replace and did) remain on picture only if I would pay regular visits to one

They all worked and work together, these are extremely criminal practices. Went on and involved foreign diplomates also as a crime reasoning against father - gesturing me I cite, "to accommodate you"....

They got father(during MK Ultra torture) a police officer who used to visit one with me on the side - and father would just blah blah his crap into his face as if one would be under unbearable pressure while man would just steer in one with his eyes and facial expressions totally motionless...police officer with few extra kilos and 175cm tall I estimate...if police officer and not a prosecutor or law assistant of some kind...prepared one for his coming stories on how.

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