Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Vladimir Putin totally reached his objectives - he is in a peace negotiation mode at this point with good chunk of Ukraine in his hands

 With number of tanks and other vehicles, planes etc., Putin demonstrated size of the
warfare/conflict and the ability to easily sustain occupation forcing Ukrainian counterpart and its "allies" to rather try to hold on to its positions. With financed ahead "peace units" from West and UN(blue helmets etc. ready to enter next to British), Putin have
demonstrated world Russian military capacity as extremely efficient and NATO/EU as totally corrupt/criminal to the bone. They called him a war criminal for about two weeks in total, but he has proven himself to failed world as a new Russian tsar not Stalin as world is also trying to portray one as to help him out with help him out with dilemma as he own 100% of the Western main stream media(no less). Vladimir Putin the Conqueror 

@Zelensky - nope, I will not be stopping Ukraine to NATO and/or EU membership....I never did. 

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