Sunday, February 26, 2023

While I will survive, I am unsure about my mother - food poisoning as promised by Slovenian police was harboured even at home for elderly where father is by individual whose director who promised me will display even virus alert sign at the entrance related to stomach problems

 One thing is certain, my mother doesn't feel well for already third day and I finally can type after 24 hours what you see on here I though my internal organs will fail me due to pain and stiffness, shivering to degree I barely made it in the was for this portion of crime I was brainwashed mother will pass away and have even video recorded Krka Pharmaceutical night work from our terrace for which I was told will be it as the last...I didn't analysed food nor tested myself for virus, but it really makes no difference all in all. A lots of people, however, knew and know about it.

Thai King was the one to blame for - Thai King Maha was poisoned during his visit to Slovenia in 2011 is what one indicated and for my laughing(I myself was in pain and just didn't like people getting in my face such issues - I deemed people as such rather should help me not worsen my situation so I reserved the right to amplify problems to one) at one's

face in our home, he promised would retaliate against me. Fact of the matter is that Thai King Maha loved and loves me just as if I was his child and never ever would have done any of above. He had his strange sense for humour such as upon your arrival first thing you do just report yourself to local jail and he did stated crazy stuff in my face, but the next thing he regrated - would do all he could to improve mistakes everyone made during MK Ultra...had me on the picture next to my Bajrakitiyabha who had to perform inside of the temple as Queen of Thailand her work duties - did this to get his impression about her as Queen while having me lay next to her(she was signing documents etc beginning 2012 - administrative duties she was the one who handled in real time next to father)...

As for Slovenian police and Slovenian politicians, now that a different story....just for my being next to royals and Western politicians in 1995, they reserved a place for me in a building next to where my father is located in home for elderly people....that building, however, is home for mentally challenged people - identified one yesterday.

Slovenia used to be a socialist part of Yugoslavia and royalties from around the world were considered as enemy of the people.

Prior to his departure in 20111/2012, King Maha went into unit where my father was at neurological department in general hospital Novo mesto to hydrate himself(they offered one intravenous healing). When I was brought to visit one, he wanted to hug me and I didn't mind getting myself bed next to him....King Maha is hard tempered, but he always loved me.

Virus popped up during my obtaining two items he was involved in - engraving pen and Thai flag watch strap(both of which were separated from main AliExpress delivery by Slovenian police to voice hatred - as much as I was guilty of everything during Thai King's unofficial stays in Slovenia, as soon as one departed was nothing but laughter and intensification of crime against me AND INCITEMENT OF HATRED AGAINST HIM/RIDICULING - even during his stay, circumstances as he alone managed to observe were for me as chaotic as possible to make visit as unpleasant as possible - as for once he left with his family barrage of signs followed up on me to remind me of NO).

And upon Thai King's rehearsal with my Bajrakitiyabha, prince William delivered me to UK where room was next to whichever palace(one of the main two perhaps three palaces) - where used to be working staff back in the day - like gardeners on what one continued how time came for me to tell him everything about my life on what whole British circus ended with as if I was in a movie cadre by William insisting me he has a lease on me and was only borrowed to Thai Royal family for duration of Bajrakitiyabha on what one brought me to UK as was nothing there left for me to do...fact of the matter is that after telling my Bajrakitiyabha I no longer want to speak English, she begun to teach me Thai in most loving way possible - she somehow never lost hope...she is a heart to me.

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