Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Involved in MK Ultra was this lady who, however, had recently(2017) done her procedure when compared to issues which she promised me I will be dealing with

News appeared briefly on android and disappeared, but one most likely is it. Joe Biden accomplished his task - murderer assigned to perform his murderous side task beginning 1995 on which his entire political career was based.


MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TO ME IN SLOVENIA WAS DECLINED ON BEHALF OF AMERICAN WHITE HOUSE AND US CONGRESS INVOLVED SINCE 1995, LONDON, AND BERLIN: Princess Bajrakitiyabha was "saved"(who knows if truth as British were doing their best to get King Maha on board with Germans - so is what father King Maha insisted me infront of Merkel) by Germans in 1998 when studying in London when they according to British royals had no cure for her medical urgency and medical team had to arrive to London from Germany 

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