Saturday, February 18, 2023

Indian pop star Ricky Kej was involved, but he was not the one who won fishing contest

I don't think he liked the whole thing about MK Ultra. He wanted for me to be more enthusiastic/positive

about it while at the same time knowing that it was as bad/wrong as anything in this world can be. He was some sort of manager for me on Indian market and have further received negative feedback for that matter from his fellowmen of whom most(99%) knew nothing about what really went on at the beginning of crime and how it all works. I don't like writing about these big stars even if positive as did and does me nothing good - mentioning people without getting actual feedback from them gives power to controller and whole crime turns political through people who should specially use media power to assist those in need and what never ever was the case. They use instead power of corruption to advance their financial needs further. 100% legit for American and British marekts.

There was some 1000 minimum rich and famous from United States of America heavily involved in this genocide and for all the wrong reasons....entire Hollywood since 1995 and beyond...

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