Tuesday, February 14, 2023

I WOULD call United Nations to rescue princess Bajrakitiyabha from hands of the mindless lunacy

but it was princess Bajrakitiyabha who entangled United Nations in crime against me via Thai donations

as United Nations representatives(BAN KI MOON ETC.) death threatened with since 2002. Ohhh, it was all in the name of rescue, but why would anyone need to donate United Nations money to rescue ordinary what should be a citizen but what became totally alienated by mindless political crime human being

As for my marriage offer to Bajrakitiyabha - I would loved too, but you will never ever make it.

@British -Was it your Charles(via German state) that made Hitler or Hitler made Charles !!????? 


@British - you will soon have brand new same old crowned Charles...lucky you.

From world with endless possibilities

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