Saturday, February 18, 2023

Four hours of sleep each day for entire week long(incl. today) - with blood pressure on border of stroke every day

With severe pain in my left foot for about half a year now so it goes. Head even hurts from one. Yeah, Bruce Willis knew all about it...thats why I stated do not like writing about such issues.

The thing is everyone knew about this crime how one will look one. Entire Hollywood which predicted for me to endup as dead and were only visiting this room since 2017 to wave goodbye to Vladimir Putin - bagged one to understand how they must look as negative villains due to domestic issues in US and due to renewed attack on Ukraine.

Dont see myself in these wealthy people used by top British elites on behalf of Germany to protect crime against me in any way....

Germany was built from scratch  in post war by workforce from Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Spain and one sure was wonderful country for skilled workers from area where wages didn't match anywhere near those in Germany but things changed....those workers(their children) if not immigrating back have found themselves in more competitive world than ever with Germans searching for work alone and with what became even cheaper workforce alternative from India, Pakistan, Asia overall...find themselves if not leaving Germany in a world where creating connections(broad market) became far more important for Germany than providing Germany with cheap workforce this having them systematically replaced with whatever became next on German agenda....Germany became during last 30 years the most corrupt/criminal country in the world - economy which solely is based on corruption and economy which is enforcing past European Union decorative human rights laws a death as seen in my case and this in the name of democracy. Death for which one demands to be praised. Post world war two land of workers is gone off the picture for good its now about other issues that matter far more - open theft(steal and kill technology) which openly will grow through more and more wars into open WW3.

Yahoo flashed with what you see on here entire week...

Slovenian president Borut Pahor(apprencice from Kučan but Janša and other are identical) sadistically claimed during torture beginning 1995 while shaking in anger for Slovenia to have entered EU and NATO precisely because of people like myself and through media to remind of torture how democracy works...democracy sure works, but question is what separates democracy from corruption - what are limits to bestial crime when it comes to corruption !!???? Death is what Pahor alone gestured me.

I wouldn't give dime on Germany/German torture specials...I wouldn't give dime on one because I know as a non German human being wasn't worth historically to one nothing more than as is written above - Germany just wanted from me to say after 30 years of genocide silent goodbye to one....das Europa.

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