Friday, February 17, 2023

Everyone laughed at my Thai skills except one - owner of her beautiful name

 I couldn't pronounce properly her name because no one really took time or just perhaps I didn't take one to listen under MK Ultra, however, my Bajrakitiyabha let everyone present know that it is okay and that she likes my pronunciation of her name...I pronounced her name from English as "baayra  kitty abha"(using google translate can clearly be heard how). Germans arrived in 2015 in the house in Novo mesto and begun to instigate me on orange watch belts/straps with I cite, "you no longer will need those" and went right back with "why...why not orage is my favourite watch colour" and they

replied me with I cite, "because she is gone man and she won't be back"...then they continued upon return within three months or so with I cite, "we have to find way now how to wear for you again orange" and begun to come up with new ladies etc....except that this is not funny and it was not funny.

I really have beautiful orange belt at last(got me another one after first one was chopped), but is now of no use... 

@King Maha - she loved the way I pronounced her name.

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