Saturday, February 25, 2023

British accomplished permanent heart damage ON ME via use of Viagra in 2008 - Viagra was used to boost my abilities to respond under MK Ultra for extended periods of time(deprivation of sleep)

Prince Andrew was the one who used Viagra most often to accomplish heartburning
 effect(boost cardio vascular problems). British commenced murderous play with Viagra as soon as one was released on market if possibly not even earlier. MK Ultra staff members were using one including royals with Andrew and prince Charles(now king) totally insane about one. In 1996, Viagra was already in a heavy use in their circles as it was attributed to Andrew and Charles a miraculous ability to engage in sexual activities with much younger women what rather embarrassed other parties present till those too got a taste for one and everyone became all the sudden younger and with British royals boosting their popularity/influence over others... from Miloš Zeman to Putin and everyone else a change to become young again opened. 

While others got sexual pleasures of one, Viagra in my case was used to cause heavy cardio vascular damage.

Beginning 2010, I no longer could sleep on the left side as it would grow within few hours directly into heart pain....and once thrown inside of the psychiatric institution Ljubljana Polje in 2013, psychiatric pills would result in unbearable pain withing just minute or so....with heart stiff on border with cardiac arrest which could grow into fatality at any given time. I no longer sleep on the left side since 2010...just for you to know how it all went.

If the politicians would still remain conscious(negative) about Viagra pills, prince Charles stepped in and begun to question with "why not" etc...NEXT TO VIAGRA WAY PRIOR TO ITS RELEASE, BRITISH ROYALS HAVE HAD OTHER SEXUAL BOOSTING PILLS AS WELL WHICH THEY OFFERED PARTICIPANTS, BUT VIAGRA WAS THE THING.

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