Tuesday, May 2, 2023

My case was and is a case of human slavery / one was supported by inter state/governmental branches and human rights agencies which royal Orwellianists control

British royals(prince William and Harry) insisted on how I should just do my job and NOT complain - to "complain", the two referred to as "think"...interesting part is that British got support for their criminal acts in fellow freedom loving Americans such as is Tom Cruise(involved in genocidal procedure since 1994 if not earlier) who supported above stated with what you see bellow - I don't watch and never did watched Top Gun clips/videos - its been a long long time since I watched Top Gun movie when 18 years or so old in Slovenia...

Ita a psychiatry they use to fulfil their addictions in respect to human trafficking and butcheries. Psychiatry became modern slaverys ultimate tool. Complete control over ever aspect of one-s life.

British royals went on to support genocide with claims on how everything I state against them will eventually hunt me as I will become part of their circle - and its what I stated clearly, royalism is NOT ALLOWED NEAR NOR WILL BE TOLERATED EVER AGAIN FROM MY END IN ANY FORM/SHAPE. Its a slavery

Sure youtube accommodates those whom its founders have profited from within....its a youtube where even my video view counters were blocked to discredit me as much as possible - it wasn't only about income, but boosting mental issues through one. 

Not to fail to mentioned than Tom runs his own church which promotes human rights issues and such...they are doing their best to revive human  slavery. Time for me to say no more to this madness of people who hunted planet since its early beginnings.

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