Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Thai king Bhumibol refused to show me god of Thailand for whom one knew where he lived during street walking at two of his private properties on which occasions one claimed me just two three houses away from where the two of us were(his own houses)

My search for Thai God was even more intense - search went on for at least 6 months as I wouldn't trust Bhumibol with issue concerning Thai God as per why I want to meet one...3 MK Ultra sessions and during last one which lasted some 30 days in Thailand, during foreign visitation truth came out of me as per why...

British even used TORTURE ON ME to learn on how to respond(handle sanity) on heaviest interrogation tactics involving extreme violence and I got rated as INSANE IN 2013 FOREMOST ON BEHALF OF NONE OTHER THAN BRITISH...VERY VERY NICE....

British military was heavily involved in genocide against me since 1995. GENOCIDE. 

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